Tips for Planning and Hosting a Successful Product Launch Event

Hosting a product lunch event is not a child’s play. It takes lot of nerve to conduct everything accordingly as it is one of the smartest marketing moves ever to entice customers. You don’t need to have profound experience nor it is something that one cannot try without professional help. By following few simple tips, you can easily organize everything. I have crafted some of the great ideas on how to host a product launch event which is given below.

Below few such tips are discussed:

Selecting the particular style

  • You need to have a clear vision about the launching event. Therefore, before getting into the actual planning you have to be clear about the purpose of your event, like whether it is a new product launch or revising an old one, business re-launch or mere awareness. So that you can plan everything keeping your goal set. When you are clear about your goal you can fabricate the content of it and determine the style and approach.
  • You need to think about the goal of the event as well, if you want to have media coverage or whether it is just for improving sales or meant for consumer awareness, you need to determine as well.
  • Next think about the ambiance you would like to have for your product, what kind of theme you would like to fabricate, what will be the best way to reach your targeted consumer.

Determining the venue

  • Now among the few important considerations that decide the success and failure of an event, venue selection is significant. Your product launch will be successful if maximum of your targeted traffic visit it.
  • So the venue should be such which would be accessible to all, a place where people may reach without facing any transportation hassle and also the place must bear some relevance to the product you are about to launch.
  • Choosing a location is actually critical as it will directly leave an impact upon your company. It may sound odd, but if you are not having an upscale market don’t go for upscale venue.
  • You can go for trade show and organize your launching program. As there you will be having people in large number.
  • But there is one downside as you have to compete with other companies who are likely to be there, promoting their product.

Preparing budget

  • You need to select the budget or else things will take a minute to go out of your hand.
  • You need to make a chart with heads like venue, food, decoration, support staff and vendors, marketing and promotion and then you should make sub categories like under the head of venue divide categories like space rental, number of tables, floral decoration and parking etc.
  • You need to survey and know the approximate pricing and then prepare your own table of budget.
  • While hosting an event this table will definitely help you a lot.

Preparing an event narrative

  • Now often many big players ignore this portion of the event but event narrative is actually important a part in hosting an event launch.
  • Now if you are not aware of the term event narrative, it contains brief about the company, introducing the product, involving aspects like to whom are you talking, What do you want them to think? Etc.

I hpe that it will help you in your event. If you want to share some more ideas with us then please let us know in the comment section below. You are also more than welcome to contribute an article on our website. Please contact us for further information.

Makeinbusiness Event – Inspired By Make-in-India Initiative

Government of India is encouraging youths to be an entrepreneur and create more jobs in the country. With this encouragement and MakeinIndia plans, we are witnessing lots of new startups in the city. Recently, in Bangalore, I was invited to attend an event organised by Makeinbusiness team in the heart of the city. This new startup i.e is focusing on sharing business ideas and opportunities in each and every possible sectors in India.

One important point about this event was to convey the possible opportunity in various sector in India. Many people who are willing to start their own business do not know about profitable opportunities in which their ROI will be quick and high as compared to other opportunities. This new website i.e, describes each business opportunity in the country and encourage entrepreneurs to dig deeper in that opportunity. They also shares detailed business plan for that particular business.

Further in that event, the founder was discussing about opportunity in waste management and role of the present government to implement waste management and recycling possibility.  Waste management is a major concern for every developing country and goverment should encourage indivisuals to step up into this business and create opportunities for job seekers. There are many challenges in waste management and government is taking good steps to overcome them. If you are interested in waste management business then read this paper from IIT Kapur.

Apart from waste management, their is huge scope in agriculture sector in India. In that event I came to know that there are various profitable business opportunity in agriculture sector and one can establish a good venture out of it. The agricultural industry in India is growing with very fast pace, with the advert of new and innovative ways of farming, this industry is booming and ROI is many fold higher. The website also covers profitable ways of doing farming.

The founder was also talking about import export business in India. He added that the import export business looks complex but it is one of the easiest opportunity available in the market. He further added that on his website he has mentioned various tips in import export business in India like how to find buyers, where to find buyers, how to approach, what are the procedures of import export and all related points regarding this business.

It was very nice and engaging event conducted in a planned way.

Latest Event – Business Plan Evaluator Startup

On Monday i.e 11th December 2017, there is an event of new startup company. The name of company is Buziness Plan Labs co.

This new startup is all about evaluating new business plan. As we all know that business plan is extremely effective for new startups all across the globe. This company will evaluate the business plan and will generate the quality score based on the ideas and approach. We are looking forward to attend this event on Monday.

The company is currently up and running. The goal of this company to help new startups in getting funding as they also guide the startups on how to approach different investors for funding. The company has successfully helped 5 startups in last 3  months.

An effective business plan is a key to success and one cannot make a successful plan without help of experts in this field. One can also find business plan online but those plans are already used and you need to create a new plan according to your business strategy. Also, you can get ideas from those business plans but at the end you have to create your own for success.

Here are some of the place where you can find business plan and ideas for your new venture. Read plans on  and get business ideas from expert-market

The founder of the company has very clear vision and in our last meeting he addressed important points which every startup should focus:-

Importance of Business Plan

Starting a business requires some thorough bit of research. You need to know your market base and the demands of your target audience before you decide how you wish to go about setting up your business.

If you have a product then decide on whether you wish to cater to only one gender or both. Once that is done, the next step would be a good marketing move would be to create a signature look for all your products. A signature style not only gives your product a distinctive branding but also works as a great way of marketing your product.

Further he added,

Next up, for every new startup in manufacturing sector of any products – you need to find a manufacturer who can implement all the elements of the designs that are created on paper and turn them into actual creations. While these procedures are on, you also need to decide on a distinctive brand name for your business and get it registered first before doing any thing.

He also said that, A trader’s license is also a must. For all the basic legalities that need to be covered, hire a professional corporate lawyer. Once the products are ready for sale, it is time to market your line. While the most obvious way out is to set up your own shop to showcase your products live, it is best not to restrict yourself to this mode of marketing only.

It is, after all the age of the internet and online shopping is all the rage, what with people having lesser time on their hands to go out and shop at malls or designated stores. Sign up with the likes of Amazon, EBay etc. and instantly gain access to a huge consumer base.

Also, he said that you could also set up your own website for some strategic marketing. Keep your prices competitive and you’ll have a successful business up and running in no time.

An Event Organized By Online Hindi Language Business Magazine – Hindily

On 4th December 2017, I was invited to attend an event which was organized by a new online magazine Hindily. Their goal is to develop a online business portal in hindi language to help Hindi speaking people across India. They share business ideas and opportunities in various sectors such as manufacturing, service based, food processing, small scale business, home based businesses, etc.

The founder of the magazine said that their target is to reach 12 lakhs visitors per month by the end of 2018. Currently the website is getting 1 lakhs visitors every month. He further added that Google search in Hindi language is increasing exponentially and this is abslutely right time to build such magazine which focuses on business ideas and plans in Hindi language.

About Event:-

Organized By Hindily – Website URL –

Venue – Hotel Sky Rock – 2nd Hall on 04th December 2017, Bangalore, India

Subject – Building relationship with Hindi content writer for the success of this new magazine.

No of Attendees – 25

About Hindi Magazine Hindily

Hindily is an online magazine which was created in mid of 2016. It shares information on various profitable small business ideas and opportunities across India in Hindi language. Currently, this magazine has published more than 100 business ideas and information on how to start that particular business. Website receives 1 lakh monthly visitors from across the country. Hindily aim is to achieve 20 thusands visitors every day which we make about 6 lakhs visitors in a month. By the end of next year i.e 2018, it is believed that hindily will achieve that target because the growth in hindi search is increasing exponentially.

About Event

It was very good and entertaining event. I get to know about various opportunities in Hindi language. It was said that about 40 crore people in India speaks only Hindi language so their is a need to provide quality information to them.

This event sucessfully gathered inspiring hindi content writer from around the city. Many of them are hired for content writing on the website. Currently, the magazine has 4 article writers.

Next Event

Further he added that the next event will be held in Delhi after 6 months. We are looking forward for the event and we are more excited about growth result of the magazine after 6 months. I believe that it will achieve its target of 2018 shortly.

Last Week Event For a Tattoo Parlour – A New Small Business in the Market

We were invited to attend an event last week for a promotion of tattoo parlour in down town. This event was organised by the eventloops and the concept was really nice. They have collected 600 contacts of potential clients using simple form fill up.

About the tattoo parlour – A small business startup

Albert, the owner of this parlur said that tattooing is getting really popular these days. It is in the fashion industry from years and there so many celebrities who get tattoos done. It was only men who showed interest towards tattoos, but now it is trending among women as well. So, if you also love this kind of tattoos and those styles, then why not think about starting a business of tattoo parlour. You can get more successful in any business when you are having a lot of passion towards it. If you love tattoos then just go for this option.

Further he added that this business idea was not new to him. One day he was reading some stuff online about his business and then he came to a website named businessvaani where he read about the importance of events in expanding the customer base for small businesses. He implemented this idea and organised an event which turned to be very profitable idea for him. He is now planning to do some more event in targeted location to gain some more potential contacts of his future clients.

He inspired us in setting up a new business venture

If you are just having passion towards tattooing and no knowledge about handing any business in the past, then you will have to plan your business well first. You will have to plan about the budget that you can spare for it, the location where you want to start the business so that you can get more number of clientele. Along with the make sure that you have the right team which can work for you. All these details will help you in getting started with the business setup.

Make your tattoo parlour look perfect

You are starting a tattoo parlour and you should remember this point at every step of your business setup. This is the art liked by the most modern guys and girls, so your parlour should also be modern and stylish. You should make sure that the place a little bit spacious and perfect for both clients and your tattoo artists as well. All you will have to do is get the right chairs, tables and all other things or furniture that is required in your office. You need to have a private room as well because tattoo can be done on any location of the body and that is the choice of the client. So, they should be comfortable in getting it done on any part of the body.

Have the right equipment and supplies

You will need some tools and other supplies for making a tattoo on someones body. There will be different types of tattoos as well and they need different kinds of equipment as well. So, depending on what kind of services that you are planning to provide to your clientele, you can choose the equipments, tools and supplies and get them ready. They include the inks, tattooing machines, spray bottles, gloves, paper towels and other sanitizing equipments. Having all this in hand before you start your business can help in kick starting the Tattoo parlour.

Just hire the best and professional tattoo artists

Depending on the demand for tattooing in the area and depending on the space available in your tattoo parlour, you should make sure that you are hiring the right number of professionals. Hiring too less artist would keep a lot of clients waiting for  a long time. At the same time, even if you are having more artist and now space in the parlour, then what is the point in having so many artists. You will just end up paying their salary when so many people are not required. So, plan well and start a tattoo parlour with the right setup and right tools.

Creative Ways to Entertain a Serious Audience In An Event

A serious audience is the biggest challenge, when it comes to bringing entertainment for such people. To entertain a serious audience in an event, the entertainer should possess unique skills that make the event more engaging and winning. The one factor which is the gem of any event is creativity; the planning should be creative and should be designed in a way to encourage the audience for not just being an audience but being a participant to the event. To let the audience participate is one good measure that could help in entertaining a serious audience.

There are umpteen ways through which an organizer could bring the event alive, and here we are about to discuss about some of the many ways that would help you to entertain a serious audience.

Hold the Popper

To drop the attention of the audience is the last thing any event organizer would want, as the utmost aim of an event is always to make the audience and their minds glued to the event. To hold the audience, the very first requirement is to indulge something creative that has not been seen or heard before. Innovative ideas are always welcome in the field of creativity, and you should always make sure that you are coming up with something new and glossy suiting the preferences of your audience type. And for this, it is very important to know your audience well in advance. Take out of the box ideas that should be a mixture of brilliance and newness.

Make way for unexpected delights

Do not always get core stuck to the topic as this may make your audience feel more boring about the event. And while we are talking about entertaining a serious audience, then you should definitely make way for some funk. There are numerous ways to do so, you could call a renowned music band, professional dancers, or it could be a standup comedian. Fillers hold a prominent place in making an event successful, and depending upon the type of audience and their choices, you should definitely add a filler performance that keeps on entertaining the audience.

Always hold a Bling for Last

To let the audience feel curious is one factor that has always worked in favor of the organizers. Keep on reminding the audience about the upcoming bash that has been planned for their entertainment. This way the wait would prove to be worth it. As we all know the best things are kept for the last, make this fact a part of your show and always keep the most entertaining act for the last, keeping your audience known to it from time to time.

Make them a part

Make sure to indulge your audience to the events and acts. You could do so by calling them on stage and making them dance or sing whatsoever suits the best. This is the best way to indulge the serious audience and make them be more open about the event. An indulging member of the audience would so it all to be the star of the event.

These are the various tricks that would definitely prove to be valuable for all the event organizers. Always make efforts to know your audience and plan accordingly.

17 Tactics to Drive More Attendees to Exhibition Booths

Definitely, it will overwrought you, make you undergo anxiety as organizing an exhibition booth is a challenging task and driving traffic towards it is a real nerve racking dare which often renders big players breathless. However, if you are scared in the beginning nothing you would be able to handle so calm down and make a plan. With correct planning, you will be able to drive maximum attendees to the Exhibition Booths.

Few tips are discussed below following which you will definitely be able to plan something worthwhile

Making use of social networking to tap attention

  • So if you are really seeking ways to drive maximum traffic to your Exhibition Booth you can take help from social networking sites.
  • You can make use of YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus and Twitter and tap attention in huge quantity; it will help you to promote your booth.
  • While handling the booth, you must have the patience to hold conversation going.
  • Provide them freebies and souvenirs, who will share the post and re-tweet. Moreover, you must focus on the comments that attendees make regarding your shows.
  • If you find any problem, you must be all set to provide solution carrying a satisfying attitude.
  • If you are thinking about addressing your clients directly, you can set up a live newscast from the booth so that your targeted customer gets to know what is coming next.
  • Again you can go for proximity marketing to involve attendees
  • Sending messages on their phone and temping them to play games at your show and again communicating with your brand and service is one of the finest ways to engage your customer.
  • Right after the show, you must keep the excitement up with the follow up post by showing up your gratitude and advertizing the success of that Exhibition Booths.
  • You must be sure to post varying videos and photographs with respect to the show, it will help them to stay update with the event.

Offer Things Attendees Need

  • During Exhibition Booths often attendees become hungry and thirsty so keep some snacks and beverages ready but you don’t have to be expensive.
  • Keep little refreshments ready, along with tea, cupcakes, coffees, muffins ready.
  • Its not customers only who will be visiting you but there will be visiting you as well.
  • Now if your booths are having visitors, be rest assured that they will attract more.

Constructing A Small Motivating Presentation

  • Undeniably plan a motivating, educational presentation, but make it brief.
  • You don’t desire individual to get exhausted of watching and amble on.
  • Make use of images, video, and resonance as much as feasible. You can even integrate improved equipment into your exhibition booth.
  • Sensitively uplifting, humorous, frightening, and functional presentations are really efficient, but use sense to make it absorbing.

Offering Seat to visitors

  • Exhibition Booths should be having comfortable seats, although booths come with size restriction but try to get one large to accommodate all. It would be highly appreciated by attendees who are carrying heavy bags, visitors who are elder in age or who are having physical impairments.
  • Moreover, the longer they be seated, the more time they would be having to think about your sales message.
  • You may display your empathetic side by holding back exceptional seating for pregnant mothers or older individuals.

We can help out with an abundance of things regarding your exhibition set-up needs, and since it is such a large-scale event, you are going to need a lot!

Effective Ways to Increase Participation at Your Event

Events are the most mellifluous ad when it hits the market, people roar for it. For a person who desires to make an event always dreams to make it a success. Are you the next one to create an event? Want to boost participation at your events? Well, it is definitely the prior thing to look out for but for that you need to know your customer well. Knowing your audience will let you know their likings which will in result grow their interest on your events. So to host up a successful event you need to thing about the best hosts in the city who can turnaround the tables for you! Or else, if you desire to make it a success yourself, there here is just the simple and easy steps to do it.

Targeting the perfect Customer:

The first thing which is essential is knowing your customers well and then reaching out to them. There are several customers who are actually crazy for events to swing around. Your first target would be to find those customers whom you can bug up with. Infact for making a delightful moment in your event, you need to first figure out who are the customers who find their interests in attending events like yours. Also, you need to figure out the people who had attended previous events similar to yours.


This is the most important part of your sweats. To make an event successful, you should have proper marketing value for your event. Always do remember one thing that market value for hosting an event is the most essential part and when you are looking for a new event to hit the success lines. Here are the things to follow:


Market research is the best thing to troll on with. If you are looking for a successful event and outing, then you must analyse first the target number of participants in your event. Once this will be done, you next have to consider who are coming and who are not.


The advertising is the next big thing to reach out to your customers. Advertisements can be done on different platform- the social media, the social network, the advertising banners as well as the digital media marketing. When all these will collide, you will find different stages where people are finding interest in your event.


if your event has a restriction to the number of persons, then nothing can be done of the pricing. But if you still do not have any restrictions, it is advised to you to keep the entry passes at a low cost. This will be easily affordable for the people and you will end up in results greater than your expectations. For an example, it is always beneficial to sell 15 oranges @ INR. 2 per piece than to sell 4 oranges @ INR. 5 per piece!

The mantra for your event to be a hit is quite simple. You just need to utilize it to perfection.

Do’s and Dont’s for Planning a Conference Event

The format of a conference has not changed manifold since decades, but a lot of changes could be seen towards every new conference. Conference is basically a meeting, where the person hosting it does explains the details about a particular topic through PowerPoint presentations or any other method. The key aim of the conference is always to hold the members and make them understand the points that are being explained. And, this is not a very easy task. To hold the concentration of the members towards the presentation is a difficult task, and a lot of efforts are required to make a conference meeting successful.

To make the meeting fruitful, a lot of factors are needed to be considered and this involves a list of do’s and don’ts. Come let’s have a look over the do’s and don’ts of a prolific conference event.


  • Make sure the person holding the conference or giving speech on the presentation has brilliant abilities of holding the crowd. It is very essential to have good communication skills, as this is the only ability through which it becomes easy to hold the concentration of the members.
  • Be particular about each topic that is to be explained and each speaker as well. The speaker should be introduced by his achievements and skills, rather than just the company name. This allows the speakers to hold a value.
  • Try and go beyond than just holding a presentation. Make sure you prepare a summary to inject the information in the minds of the members. You could also send the important details on the email of the audience, or post the important details in an attractive way on to the website of the company.
  • Make sure to fix pragmatic speaking time for every speaker. The speaker should indulge the audience, rather than providing a senseless explanation on topics. The idea should be to hold the members and not distract them.
  • It is must to have breaks, if you think the conference is going to stand long, than it is necessary to have provisions for breaks. As it refreshes the listeners and makes the meeting more sensible.
  • Make sure to indulge the audience into discussions. Two-way communication is always a better tool to make the meeting more interesting and worthwhile.


  • Do not encourage the sale of products on the stage, as this makes the conference one sided. The idea should always be to explain the concept rather than selling it. Sale should be the obvious outcome.
  • Don’t let speakers take other time while being on stage. This mess is the last thing an organizer would want. Make sure the speakers are allotted specific time prior to their chance and they should stick to that precisely.
  • Don’t allow the audience to pretense one query at a time, as this would produce hassles.
  • Don’t waste the large part of your time by thanking the sponsors list, it should be small and enough to gratify the volunteers.