Do’s and Dont’s for Planning a Conference Event

The format of a conference has not changed manifold since decades, but a lot of changes could be seen towards every new conference. Conference is basically a meeting, where the person hosting it does explains the details about a particular topic through PowerPoint presentations or any other method. The key aim of the conference is always to hold the members and make them understand the points that are being explained. And, this is not a very easy task. To hold the concentration of the members towards the presentation is a difficult task, and a lot of efforts are required to make a conference meeting successful.

To make the meeting fruitful, a lot of factors are needed to be considered and this involves a list of do’s and don’ts. Come let’s have a look over the do’s and don’ts of a prolific conference event.


  • Make sure the person holding the conference or giving speech on the presentation has brilliant abilities of holding the crowd. It is very essential to have good communication skills, as this is the only ability through which it becomes easy to hold the concentration of the members.
  • Be particular about each topic that is to be explained and each speaker as well. The speaker should be introduced by his achievements and skills, rather than just the company name. This allows the speakers to hold a value.
  • Try and go beyond than just holding a presentation. Make sure you prepare a summary to inject the information in the minds of the members. You could also send the important details on the email of the audience, or post the important details in an attractive way on to the website of the company.
  • Make sure to fix pragmatic speaking time for every speaker. The speaker should indulge the audience, rather than providing a senseless explanation on topics. The idea should be to hold the members and not distract them.
  • It is must to have breaks, if you think the conference is going to stand long, than it is necessary to have provisions for breaks. As it refreshes the listeners and makes the meeting more sensible.
  • Make sure to indulge the audience into discussions. Two-way communication is always a better tool to make the meeting more interesting and worthwhile.


  • Do not encourage the sale of products on the stage, as this makes the conference one sided. The idea should always be to explain the concept rather than selling it. Sale should be the obvious outcome.
  • Don’t let speakers take other time while being on stage. This mess is the last thing an organizer would want. Make sure the speakers are allotted specific time prior to their chance and they should stick to that precisely.
  • Don’t allow the audience to pretense one query at a time, as this would produce hassles.
  • Don’t waste the large part of your time by thanking the sponsors list, it should be small and enough to gratify the volunteers.