17 Tactics to Drive More Attendees to Exhibition Booths

Definitely, it will overwrought you, make you undergo anxiety as organizing an exhibition booth is a challenging task and driving traffic towards it is a real nerve racking dare which often renders big players breathless. However, if you are scared in the beginning nothing you would be able to handle so calm down and make a plan. With correct planning, you will be able to drive maximum attendees to the Exhibition Booths.

Few tips are discussed below following which you will definitely be able to plan something worthwhile

Making use of social networking to tap attention

  • So if you are really seeking ways to drive maximum traffic to your Exhibition Booth you can take help from social networking sites.
  • You can make use of YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus and Twitter and tap attention in huge quantity; it will help you to promote your booth.
  • While handling the booth, you must have the patience to hold conversation going.
  • Provide them freebies and souvenirs, who will share the post and re-tweet. Moreover, you must focus on the comments that attendees make regarding your shows.
  • If you find any problem, you must be all set to provide solution carrying a satisfying attitude.
  • If you are thinking about addressing your clients directly, you can set up a live newscast from the booth so that your targeted customer gets to know what is coming next.
  • Again you can go for proximity marketing to involve attendees
  • Sending messages on their phone and temping them to play games at your show and again communicating with your brand and service is one of the finest ways to engage your customer.
  • Right after the show, you must keep the excitement up with the follow up post by showing up your gratitude and advertizing the success of that Exhibition Booths.
  • You must be sure to post varying videos and photographs with respect to the show, it will help them to stay update with the event.

Offer Things Attendees Need

  • During Exhibition Booths often attendees become hungry and thirsty so keep some snacks and beverages ready but you don’t have to be expensive.
  • Keep little refreshments ready, along with tea, cupcakes, coffees, muffins ready.
  • Its not customers only who will be visiting you but there will be visiting you as well.
  • Now if your booths are having visitors, be rest assured that they will attract more.

Constructing A Small Motivating Presentation

  • Undeniably plan a motivating, educational presentation, but make it brief.
  • You don’t desire individual to get exhausted of watching and amble on.
  • Make use of images, video, and resonance as much as feasible. You can even integrate improved equipment into your exhibition booth.
  • Sensitively uplifting, humorous, frightening, and functional presentations are really efficient, but use sense to make it absorbing.

Offering Seat to visitors

  • Exhibition Booths should be having comfortable seats, although booths come with size restriction but try to get one large to accommodate all. It would be highly appreciated by attendees who are carrying heavy bags, visitors who are elder in age or who are having physical impairments.
  • Moreover, the longer they be seated, the more time they would be having to think about your sales message.
  • You may display your empathetic side by holding back exceptional seating for pregnant mothers or older individuals.

We can help out with an abundance of things regarding your exhibition set-up needs, and since it is such a large-scale event, you are going to need a lot!

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