Makeinbusiness Event – Inspired By Make-in-India Initiative

Government of India is encouraging youths to be an entrepreneur and create more jobs in the country. With this encouragement and MakeinIndia plans, we are witnessing lots of new startups in the city. Recently, in Bangalore, I was invited to attend an event organised by Makeinbusiness team in the heart of the city. This new startup i.e is focusing on sharing business ideas and opportunities in each and every possible sectors in India.

One important point about this event was to convey the possible opportunity in various sector in India. Many people who are willing to start their own business do not know about profitable opportunities in which their ROI will be quick and high as compared to other opportunities. This new website i.e, describes each business opportunity in the country and encourage entrepreneurs to dig deeper in that opportunity. They also shares detailed business plan for that particular business.

Further in that event, the founder was discussing about opportunity in waste management and role of the present government to implement waste management and recycling possibility.  Waste management is a major concern for every developing country and goverment should encourage indivisuals to step up into this business and create opportunities for job seekers. There are many challenges in waste management and government is taking good steps to overcome them. If you are interested in waste management business then read this paper from IIT Kapur.

Apart from waste management, their is huge scope in agriculture sector in India. In that event I came to know that there are various profitable business opportunity in agriculture sector and one can establish a good venture out of it. The agricultural industry in India is growing with very fast pace, with the advert of new and innovative ways of farming, this industry is booming and ROI is many fold higher. The website also covers profitable ways of doing farming.

The founder was also talking about import export business in India. He added that the import export business looks complex but it is one of the easiest opportunity available in the market. He further added that on his website he has mentioned various tips in import export business in India like how to find buyers, where to find buyers, how to approach, what are the procedures of import export and all related points regarding this business.

It was very nice and engaging event conducted in a planned way.

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